High Mast and Decorative Poles

High Mast and Decorative Poles from Priyanka Engineering
Priyanka Engineering Supplier of Wide Range of High Mast and Decorative Poles as per Customers' Specification

High Mast Poles commonly referred as Hi Mast Poles are tall is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, which are commonly used in roads and recreational illumination Priyanka Engineering is one of the leading suppliers of Hi Mast Poles and Decorative Lighting poles to every part of the world

Priyanka Engineering has an array of product range in this segment of lighting solutions, High Mast Poles supplied by the company finds its use in lighting of squares, road intersections and roundabouts, sea-ports, airports, sports areas, bus terminals, historical and places of tourist interest. 

Priyanka Engineering Company has highest quality control and specification check for customer satisfaction. Products supplied by the company complies will all major international standards.

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Hi Mast Poles by Priyanka Engineering Company

High Mast Poles

High masts poles are manufactured at various sizes, and the pole may have one galvanized polygonal section steel body or more than one steel bodies joined by the slip-joint method. Galvanised steel poles supplied by Priyanka Engineering are computer designed based on up-to-date technologies and meet the customer requirements of quality, safety and durability​

Decorative Light Poles Supplied by Priyanka Engineering

Decorative Lighting Poles

Priyanka Engineering is a major supplier of decorative lighting poles throughout the world, Decorative lighting poles supplied by the company undergoes strict quality check to comply with international standards
Decorative poles are usually manufactured in round conical sections or polygonal sections with up to 12 m in height depending on customers' requirement. Priyanka Engineering Company can entertain special customer requests for custom design of poles

Road Lighting Poles

Standard Road Lighting Poles consisting of one-piece for a pole height of up-to 12 m, and more than one steel body of polygonal section for heights of more than 12 m; our pole body calculation is designed to bear maximum 4 brackets.

Photovoltaic Pole by Priyanka Engineering Company

Photovoltaic and Micro-wind poles

These special type of poles are equipped to support Micro Wind Turbines photovoltaic cells. These are tapered poles of suitable steel and used to support photovoltaic modules and mini wind turbines, placed at the top of the pole

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