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Solar Panel Mounting Structures from Priyanka Engineering
Solar Panel Mounting Structures from Priyanka Engineering

The mounting structure refers to the supporting structure that holds the solar panels or arrays of solar panels to the ground or the surface.
Priyanka Engineering is a leading supplier of Solar Module Mounting Structures to support the Solar PV panels, these structures are made of steel or galvanised aluminium and which are tilted at an optimal angle to receive maximum sunlight.

Why are solar panels not directly attached to the mounting surface ?

  • Owing to their physical nature they cannot be attached to the mounting surface i.e ground or roof top.
  • Solar panels need a secure fastening to the roof or ground to protect against winds mounting structures provide the firm attachment with the mounting surface. It also provides protection against water and other elements that gather on the ground or on the roof
  •  In case of rooftop solar panel installation, the roof might not have a suitable inclination to get the maximum from sunlight. Having mounting structures at a suitable angle can tilt the solar panels at an optimal angle and it also provides additional space for cabling and maintenance operations

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Solar Panel Mounting Structures supplied by Priyanka Engineering

With the growing demand for alternative energy especially in the solar energy, mounting structures for solar panels are in high demand. Priyanka Engineering is one of the leading solution providers in this sector.

Number of organizations are becoming independent in their power generation and converting their roof top to a power plant.


Solar Mounting Structures supply by Priyanka Engineering

A typical roof top solar power mounting structure installation supplied by Priyanka Engineering as per specification


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