Solar Mobile Trolley

Solar Mobile Trolley

Standalone solar power generation and storage unit in portable trolley, widely finds its use in areas where commercial electricity is not readily available or as a substitute for conventional commercial electricity

Solar Mobile trolley

Priyanka Enterprise is a leading manufacturer of Solar Mobile Tower also known as Solar Mobile Trolley is a portable power supply unit fitted with lights for remote locations like excavation area, under construction factory site and camping area acting as an outdoor portable power generator which runs on solar energy.

Solar Mobile Trolley fitted with high intensity LED lamps being used in factory construction area for illumination purposes

The photo voltaic panels charge the rechargeable battery which acts the power source for the high intensity LED lamps fitted on the adjustable arm of the trolley.

Solar mobile trolley comprises of wheel mounted rechargeable batteries, fold-able solar panels, tower mounted LED lights. The unit is easily portable.

Dimension of Solar Mobile Trolley after installation

Trolley mounted solar pane
Dimension of Solar Mobile Trolley after installation View - Lateral
Dimension of Solar Mobile Trolley during transportation

The full functional outdoor solar powered generator unit can be set up in 4 simple steps.

  1. Engage the landing stand at the specified site 
  2. Install the LED lamps and lift the pole
  3. Slide out the solar panels 
  4. Adjust the solar panels facing the sunlight
Simple 4 Steps of installation of the solar mobile trolley

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